What's Coming Up 168: Watering, permeable paving, lawn seed

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What's Coming Up 168

Table of Contents

Plunge a dry pot: Rescuing houseplants that have become too dry

Watering rosemary: Give it lots of light, keep it moist, and don't believe advice that it prefers dry

Lawn gone white: What does it mean when blades of grass turn white?

Beefing up a lawn: Recipe for healthier grass leads to an easier-care, better looking lawn.

Permeable paving grid: How to protect tree roots from wheels and heavy foot traffic

Hard packed soil: Is it the reason your lawn grows poorly? Dig in to learn more!

Clipped sooner kept smaller: Pruning a Japanese maple to keep it small. Don't wait for it to get too big!

Sedum cuttings: One plant can become a dozen over winter.

Yew in holiday spotlight: We look up into the branches of our holiday tree. This year it's a big yew branch.

Pretty protected maple trunk: Shading a Japanese maple's trunk can help it weather winter. Why not make it a pretty screen?!

Miscanthus up and down: This ornamental grass is very rot resistant, and therein lie both advantages and disadvantages

No slow in ginkgo: They become venerable trees but they're vigorous youngsters

Why mix grass seed: The best grass seed is a mixture of species and varieties

Dream of reindeer poop: Get the kids up to watch for Santa the fertilizer sleigh. Ho, ho ho!

Eye level is quizzable: Can you recognize common garden objects seen from a bug's perspective? Quiz yourself!

Post best in gravel: Why you should dispense with the concrete as you set posts for fence or trellis

High on NYC: A peek at a high-flying gardener's holiday decor