We volunteered to grow a garden, we ourselves grew

For 30 years we grew a big perennial-, native- and butterfly garden at the Detroit Zoo. On any given work day there were a bunch of enthusiasts from our list of interested people. Some came regularly, some less often - everyone of every circumstance welcome. We talked, we had fun, we accomplished much and we learned!

Eventually half of our 15,000 square foot garden became part of the new wolf exhibit and we split our group - some keep up the remainder of the zoo beds, some came with us to a new volunteer project. That new endeavor: designing, planting and maintaining the Children's Garden and Rain Garden at the Waterford Township Library, Waterford, Michigan northwest of Detroit. If you ever want to join us in either garden drop us an email.

From left, back row: Deb Tosch, Phil Gigliotti, Julie X, Chris Phillips, Mary Birnbryer, Sharon X, Nancy X, Tom X, Susan Campbell, Ann X, Dawn Miller, Sandy Niks,

Middle row, from left: Priscilla Needle, Sandra X, Janet Schenk, Sally Lemus, Bonnie Gornie, Shelley Welch, Debi Slentz, Lily Koen & Deanna Koen, Paul Needle

Front corners: Janet Macunovich, Keith Heraty