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Guided by the voice of experience you will learn about options to removing an overgrown dappled willow shrub (left, below). You'd learn how simple it is to keep it smaller with one cut per year... or even keep it pruned as a 24" globe-topped "tree" (below, right).

This Instant Answers trial is brought to you by Janet, Steven, instructors and graduates of The Michigan School of Gardening


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...can be even better. You're welcome to bring your question directly to us on Instant Answer day, April 26, 2014. Bring any plants or pictures that explain it, to:

the Waterford Township, Michigan, main library at 5168 Civic Center Drive.

That's just west of Crescent Lake Road a mile north of M-59/Highland Road.

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P.S. We will have some young kids with us on April 26, and some young hearts who all like jump rope. If the day is fine we will be outside the library from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, jumping. We welcome others who want to jump!