Audience Materials for Webinar Season Two

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Our notetaking guides are detailed outlines of our webinars. Many include plant lists, charts and diagrams you've told us are invaluable.

Index of current season materials.

I always print out your outlines and lists the day before the webinar and read through them. I really appreciate them, and that you stick to them. -M.M.-

Webinar Season Two Notetaking Guides

We are glad our guides are useful. Click on a Season Two Webinar title below to preview or download its notetaking guide. Titles are grouped by subject and more titles will become links as the season progresses.

We post the current notetaking guide each week. The number following each title here is its sequence in our series.

Be sure to check out our Season One audience materials, too.

This is a most wonderful series which I can never miss! ...and the wealth of documented’s a gold mine!! -J.R.-

Garden A t0 Z Season Two Webinars

Grouped by topic. (#) indicates the scheduled sequence


52 Weeks of Color (#92 in our overall webinar series)

Choosing and Placing Plants in the Landscape (60)

Clay Soil: Challenge met! (78)

Color Cures for the August Blahs (73)

Design Tips: Using garden art (72)

Pathways: Improving the garden journey (94)

Fabulous Foliage (95)

Focal Points: True gems in Garden or Landscape (61)

Long-interest Perennials (105)

Mixed Borders (104)

Shade, Part 3: More plants for shady gardens (75)

Trashing the Landscape: Beautiful recycling (85)

Usual Plants, Unusually Used (81)

Visualizing Changes to a Garden or Landscape (91)

Year-round Landscapes (79)


Fall Planting to Save Time and Money (80)

Growing from Cuttings (65)

Growing from Seed (99)

How to Select Plants (106)


Construction Damage to the Landscape: Prevention and remedies (83)

Getting the Garden Ready for Spring 2022 (102)

Making the Most of Fertilizers (63)

Primping Perennials: Keeping them younger, fuller, blooming on cue (70)

Pruning: Foundation plants (74)

Pruning: Overgrown plants (101)

Pruning: Spring bloomers (68)

Pruning: Young trees and tree-like shrubs (77)

Vegetable Gardening: Pest patrol (66)


You give us such excellent lists and notes! I keep them and refer to them all the time. -J.S.-
You provided so much information through talk, pictures, handouts and some humor also. -M.S.-


Beginning Green: Eco-conscious Gardening (93)

Bio-Logical Pest Management (64)

Invasive Plants: The situation, the plants and you (100)

Native and Natural Groundcovers (97)

Naturalizing with Shrubs (103)

Pollinator-friendly Garden (69)

Philosophy and Fun

Don't Know the Plant 'Til You've Killed it: Learning from Losses (62)

Gardens in Literature (89)

Getting More Mileage from Your Garden, Chapter 2 (96)

Plants in the News (88)

Traveling Gardener, England (90)

Traveling Gardener, Smokey Mts. (98)

Specialty plants and themes

Basic Indoor Gardening (87)

Fabulous Fall Color (82)

Grasses in the Perennial Garden (84)

Water Gardens: Diving deeper for summer fun (71)

Related Arts

Cut Flowers from Your Garden (67)

Garden Artistry: Sketching from your garden (76)

Holiday Decorations from Your Garden (86)

Photography in the Garden (59)

#59 Click to download the notetaking guide for Photography in the Garden 1

Click to download "Michigan Gardens to See."

I printed your easy best perennials list and carried it around all one spring and summer so I could look for those plants at every nursery. It was a great guide to good plants. -A.P.-

#60 Click to download the notetaking guide for Choosing and Placing Plants in the Landscape.

#61 Click to download the notetaking guide for Focal Points: True gems in landscape and garden

Click to download the Focal Perennials list developed in webinar #60, naming the perennials with enough charisma and staying power to be the focal point of a garden.

#62 Click to download the notetaking guide for Don't Know the plant Til You've Killed It.
(The post-webinar edition, including all the answers!)

#63 Click to download the notetaking guide for Making the Most of Fertilizers

In addition this week we offer you a tool to compute fertilizer use:
Our FertilizerCoverg/CostWeb63.xls is an Excel spreadsheet where you can type in your fertilizer and learn how much area it will cover and when to apply it.

If you do not have Excel, you may still calculate fertilizer needs using:
Either the pdf version of FertilizerCoverg which provides that information for some common fertilizers,
Or the long form fertilizer calculator.
(We recommend the chart over the long form. Although we developed the long form, we still feel when we use it like it's tax day and we are wading through tax form instructions!)

#64 Click to download the notetaking guide for Bio-Logical Pest Management

Not a pest! It's a good guy, a mealybug destroyer.

Not a pest! It's a good guy, a mealybug destroyer.

#65 Click to download the notetaking guide for Growing from Cuttings.