Gold Medal Sponsors

Hats off to the first in, hardest workers, best cheerleaders

We are growing together, on this site. We are planning and planting, tending and enjoying a community garden that grows exponentially better as we help each other. All of our community here, and all of our Sponsors, are special to us. Gardeners are simply wonderful people.

Yet in any group effort some people contribute the special something needed to create a synergy, where five people come together to complete the work of ten, or thirty manage to move a mountain. Someone's special contribution is to jump in first, releasing and directing the group's energy. Others empower their fellows, teaching as they work. Sometimes an individual's sheer enthusiasm and free use of encouraging words give a group the will to persevere when the going gets tough. And once in a while, the key to a group's success is someone who just happens to be there -- often in uncanny coincidence -- at a critical time.

Energized by Gold Medalists

The Sponsors on our Gold Medal list are those people. Their inclusion here is not a function of dollars but that they are do-ers. Every one of them said to us, "Here, let me help," before they even knew the cost, or whether they might "give away a secret."

Some volunteered their time and put in hours proofreading our test website pages. Others read archived articles and created indexes.

Some are new friends who joined the group since we launched, answered one of our calls for help or came to a Garden By Janet and Steven session and then helped set up, run and record other such events. A few have been "with us" for twenty years or more, as students, correspondents, fellow travelers to educational events or helping hands at volunteer plantings.

There are some we have included on the list who Sponsored us and then we learned of their gold-hearted volunteering on other fronts -- on projects not necessarily GardenAtoZ but important to the health of our gardening community.

If you know someone who is a GardenAtoZ Sponsor who should be listed here, please tell us about them. (Such a person would almost certainly not tell us their story directly.) Remind us where we may have met that person, which of the many wonderful community garden projects we've seen was theirs, which report they contributed to an article or seminars they attended with us. Chances are good that we'll say, "Oh, yes!" and know to add that name here, too.

The Gold Medal list

Where would we be without you? Thanks!

Marge Alpern
Association of Professional Gardeners

Pat Baum

Beaufort Cranford
Chris Everson

Betty Grady

Debra Green

Deb Hall

Dennis and Carole Groh

Eric and Julia Hofley

Judy Jacobs

Peggy Macunovich

Master Gardener Association of Wayne County, Michigan

Paul and Priscilla Needle

Cory, Stacey, Elizabeth and Axel Nikkila

Sonja Nikkila and Cameron Fryer

Pam Palechek

Judy and Jerry Root

Debi and Darl Slentz

Deb Tosch
Shelly Welch