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Webinars such fun, we continue!

You helped us try out webinars in 2020. Thank you for encouraging us to go on. 58 enjoyable Saturday mornings have zipped by since then, fun and rewarding time spent with GardenAtoZ webinar subscribers, who say:


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I love you guys—definitely the best part of my week!
I'm very much enjoying your gardening series and amazing photos.
I never miss any of them. Where in the world can you find this kind of unbelievable depth of knowledge at such a ridiculously low cost?!
…completely perfect & brought JOY to me in these troubled times! Oh, MY!!!- all the pearls, extra tips! I learned SO VERY MUCH!!
Your humor and genuine warmth are such a gift...
Thank you both for sharing your tremendous knowledge and experience.

We are honored to be spending this time with you. Which is why we decided to continue with webinars. We've prepared a whole season, 48 all-new topics full of facts and fun.

Season Two Webinar Topics

Here is a list of the topics included in the 2021-2022 Season Two webinars. They are all new topics, no repeats from the Season One. We have scheduled each webinar when its information will be most useful. Download the complete Season Two schedule with dates and topic descriptions.

Subscribers also have access to all previous season recordings. Just take a look at all the useful topics in the Season one schedule.

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Webinar Season Two

In alphabetical order. (#) indicates sequence in the schedule.
Season Two begins with webinar #59.
Download this Season Two schedule

52 Weeks of Color (92)
Basic Indoor Gardening (87)
Beginning Green: Eco-conscious Gardening (93)
Bio-Logical Pest Management (64)
Choosing and Placing Plants in the Landscape (60)
Clay Soil: Challenge met! (78)
Color Cures for the August Blahs (73)
Construction Damage to the Landscape: Prevention and remedies (83)
Cut Flowers from Your Garden (67)
Design Tips: Using garden art (72)
Don't Know the Plant 'Til You've Killed it: Learning from Losses (62)
Fabulous Fall Color (82)
Fabulous Foliage (95)
Fall Planting to Save Time and Money (79)
Focal Points: True gems in Garden or Landscape (61)
Garden Artistry: Sketching from your garden (76)
Gardens in Literature (89)
Getting More Mileage from Your Garden, Chapter 2 (96)
Getting the Garden Ready for Spring 2022 (102)
Grasses in the Perennial Garden (84)
Growing from Cuttings (65)
Growing from Seed (99)
Holiday Decorations from Your Garden (86)
How to Select Plants (106)



Invasive Plants: The situation, the plants and you (100)
Long-interest Perennials (105)
Making the Most of Fertilizers (63)
Mixed Borders (104)
Native and Natural Groundcovers (97)
Naturalizing with Shrubs (103)
Pathways: Improving the garden journey (94)
Photography in the Garden (59)
Plants in the News (88)
Pollinator-friendly Garden (69)
Primping Perennials: Keeping them younger, fuller, blooming on cue (70)
Pruning: Foundation plants (74)
Pruning: Overgrown plants (101)
Pruning: Spring bloomers (68)
Pruning: Young trees and tree-like shrubs (77)
Shade, Part 3: More plants for shady gardens (75)
Trashing the Landscape: Beautiful recycling (85)
Traveling Gardener, England (90)
Traveling Gardener, Smokey Mts. (98)
Usual Plants, Unusually Used (81)
Vegetable Gardening: Pest patrol (66)
Visualizing Changes to a Garden or Landscape (91)
Water Gardens: Diving deeper for summer fun (71)
Year-round Landscapes (80)