What's Coming Up #233: Peony cuts, mildew, dividing, violets, self sowing flowers

Why are violets so tough to beat?!

Why are violets so tough to beat?!

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Issue #233, September 24, 2020

Hardy hibiscus is big. But it can cover lots more ground if divided smaller.

Hardy hibiscus is big. But it can cover lots more ground if divided smaller.

Clean up, cut down, join in

Cool nights cue plants to prep for fall. Ma Nature could wipe a frost across the area any time. So plants “know” their time is up. You can see it in trees beginning to turn from green to orange, red or yellow. So stop worrying if it’s okay to deal with those peonies, that pumpkin vine, the daylilies and hostas: It’s okay to cut back, dig up, divide. Our pointers in this regard come from several departments:

It's a Stumper

How come people are so reluctant to cut peonies down? All the way down. Why you should, plus encouraging “how” photos.

Green Thumbs Up, for...

...brown cut down

While you’re at it, cut out plants that are going brown. It is not too early. Brown is distracting. The plants don’t mind.

Green Thumbs Down to...

...this banner year for mildew.

Clean up the gray areas. Mildew will always be with us but if you act now you can put some distance between it and the most susceptible plants.

Expert Afield

Divide to cover ground faster

Visit the edge of the road (as far as we get away from home, lately!) to see why we care that the more you divide the faster the re-set plants grow. We even do the math for you.

Mentors’ Magic

Violet Leverage

Use fall crocus’ (Colchicum autumnale) bloomtime as a cue to tackle the cool season weeds. Help for besting pesky violets plus a nudge to try some new bulbs and bulb-planting strategy.

Tip Cuttings

Look ahead to seed the spring.

Magic grows for those who sow flower seed in fall. Look at how many flowering species you can grow this way and gather a few tips to remember what will pop up, where. As always and especially for topics in our Tip Cutting department, we hope you will join us afterward to expand this topic at the Forum.

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