What's Coming Up 220: New Growth

Spring, when the tiniest things can make us dance...

Spring, when the tiniest things can make us dance...

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Issue #220, March 26, 2016
Janet Macunovich and Steven Nikkila help you grow

New in our Stumpers department:

We are forever stumped and always delighted by Spring. Join us in a quiz as we make our annual "Whoozat?" rounds.

Overflowing in Tip Cuttings

Perhaps we've been spending more time than we should on the Forum... but it's such fun to try to solve puzzles there. For instance:

What's up with my dieffenbachia? It's losing lower leaves.

Plant a hemlock, lose a hemlock... What are we doing wrong?

What's the best time to prune a butterfly bush that doesn't know enough to stop growing in the cold?

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