What's Coming Up 221: A late Spring

We know it's still cold. That's not stopping the lupine from holding a drop of water for you to admire.

We know it's still cold. That's not stopping the lupine from holding a drop of water for you to admire.

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Issue #221, April 10, 2016
Janet Macunovich and Steven Nikkila help you grow

Ah, the problem with a late spring...! It is not the loss of gardening time, for we can garden (huzzah to those who are!) even in 30 degree weather. The problem is that we are then allotted fewer hours for feeling the multi-sensual thrill of spring. You've been there in a real spring, so you know that joy, of seeing wondrous things at your feet, feeling toasty sun on your back, smelling warm soil, and hearing renewed buzz and birdsong, all at the same time.

Which brings us to the latest in our Stumpers department:

So many whatizzits await you, along with a fair number of why-fors, if you go out this weekend. Keep your eyes open as you pick up sticks and clip back last year's perennial stems. There's probably plenty of pruning to do!

However, if you just can't convince yourself to go out, go for second best: Warm some bread in the oven, turn your back to a strong lamp, and look here at Stumped by Spring 2. It's another round of spring's beauty, captured.

And an important perspective In Our Garden as we prune in spring

When we prune, we try to watch for the unusual. Discolored wood, odd growths and deformities can be symptoms of diseases of the wood, some of which our pruning tools might spread from limb to limb and between plants. Simple precautions can prevent trouble. Setting aside samples of the questionable wood will let you investigate further, at your leisure. Here, some of these Cutting Revelations.


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