Winter Interest webinar, seasonal loose ends, Japanese maple and troubled evergreens

Free webinars December 12 & 19, 2020 8:30 - 10 a.m.

We’ve been having great fun at our Saturday morning webinars. This week, we’re opening the door - come one, come all! – so you can enjoy the community, too, and take away some ideas for making your garden more interesting in winter.

Winter Interest in the Garden 12/12/20

Gardens attract our eye. We perch with our morning coffee in front of the window that offers a garden overlook. The premium seat in the family room often faces the picture window to the garden. No wonder we fall into winter depression, when out of comfortable habit we look out to see gardens that have turned suddenly into bleak, flat moonscapes! In this webinar are ideas to make any existing or new landscape interesting and colorful from November to April.
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Thanks, Great Grand-folks 12/19/20

A look at the history of gardening in the Midwest. Engaging insights into why we grow what we do, the way we do and how our ancestors' gardening ways are still affecting our lives.
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Whatever it takes to enjoy winter...

Whatever it takes to enjoy winter...

We stand on the shoulders of great  gardeners to see where we are.

We stand on the shoulders of great gardeners to see where we are.

In our garden:

Welcoming winter, to cut the loose ends

Always more to do, any given day in a garden. Winter's arrival helps us distinguish between what we must do and what we would like to do.

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Can we risk our unique blue branch?

Can we risk our unique blue branch?

Oh, oh, shouldn't those leaves have fallen?

Oh, oh, shouldn't those leaves have fallen?

The 45mph garden:

Japanese maples caught short

You may be noticing your own or others’ Japanese maples, even at 45 mph. Why are they still holding leaves into winter? What can you do?

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Aiming for Answers:

Evergreens show bare patches

We plant evergreen to enjoy their winter beauty. If your evergreens are not measuring up, take a closer look. Perhaps with this help you’ll be able to administer first aid.

Then, practice some preventive horticulture by changing your pruning techniques.