What's Coming Up 109: Pruning forsythia hedges espalier, no cuts in fall, fall color, gentian, repot large jade

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In What's Coming Up 109, practical and whimsical pruning examples and much more:

Main features department

Forsythia: Cut and regrow, cut and regrow, cut again... pages 1- 3

In our gardens

Why to declare a cease-cut in fall, page 3

Cold hardiness starts now at the top, page 4

Repot and divide a big ole' jade, pages 9 - 13

Green thumbs up and down

Up and down to burry, spicy thumbs, page 13

Tip cuttings

What cuts well, also hedges well, pages 4 - 5

Review what you've tried: Gentian and plain soil mix prove worthy, pages 7 - 8


Realizing why fall color sometimes fails, page 5

Expert afield

With no back-up, it's still espalier, pages 5 - 6


Sneak preview of the pdf:

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