What's Coming Up 232: Summer Cuts Save Time

In What's Coming Up 232:

 Summer Cuts, an In Our Garden pruning guide:


and save yourself time by pruning now to keep plants small. During an early summer webinar we promised you an updated guide for pruning to keep trees small. Here it is and the time to use it is now. We feature Japanese maples and arborvitae as photo examples but assure you, it’s good for the whole landscape. Within the article are links to see it applied to other plants, from birdsnest spruces to redbud trees.

Free Pruning Webinar this Saturday, 8:30am:

Our Weekend Walkabout webinars have grown far beyond their start as a spring passtime. This Saturday we welcome one and all to this fun and informative event usually open only to subscribers. Your link to the Pruning Evergreens, Shrubs and  Trees webinar is on the Summer Cuts article -go there to join us or mark the path to catch the recorded version next week.

Pruning a tree to keep it small? Sort out the branches!