What's Coming Up 82: Snow load damage, shrub shapes, snowmen, quack grass

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In our Main features department

Act fast to fix a split trunk: When that special tree cracks, bolt for the hardware store.
Read Fix split trunks

If you do bolt a limb, record it! Sans warning, pruning becomes dangerous when saw meets Hidden hardware

Doctor old wounds with a saw. Read Old damage best sawn.

In our gardens this week

We're pruning with confidence in the tree or shrub's natural shape, even if an unnatural shape was previously imposed. See Prune for natural shape.

Time to sign up for Janet's Grow back or go away school of pruning.

Shapely examples of what some trees and shrubs can be all on their own. Read Tree shrub shapes.

Identifying leafless trees and shrubs: Twigs and buds tell tales. Read Winter twig tree ID.

Forcing winter bloom from spring shrubs. Read Force bloom.

Green thumbs up and down

To well rounded houseplants treated to a spin. Read Spin plants.

To snow plowers with no respect for trees. Read Snow plowed trees.

Tip cuttings

Prune oaks before the growing season.

Fertilize indoor plants

Insect control, thanks to the hungry birds. Read insect control by birds.

Mentors' magic

Timely, witty advice for planting potatoes and peas. Read Plant peas pun potatoes.

45 mph garden

Snowplay: Snowmen tell design tales. Read Snowplay design tips.

Aim for answers: Two hits, one miss

Yes! Allowing a shrub to become a tree. Read Shrub can be a tree.

Yes! Brush UP to remove snow from snow laden shrubs or trees

No! Facing up while helping a shrub shed snow


No special knack for battling quack grass. It's a plant that resists even chemical warfare, and a battle that goes back generations. Read Quack grass and the related items Herbicide resistant and Long history.