What's Coming Up 223: First step in landscaping

In issue 223: Drive-by learning...

In issue 223: Drive-by learning...

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Issue #223, May 11, 2016
Janet Macunovich and Steven Nikkila help you grow

and close-up catch-up, too.

and close-up catch-up, too.

A good beginning

We've had more than our share of cool weather this spring but overall the temperature and the moisture have been kind to plants. Now it's all a matter of keeping up with the rush that's begun.

We're paying special attention in this issue to new gardeners and new homeowners, people who are unsure what to do first. If that's you, and you plan to go to the garden center this weekend (we hope you start there where there are plenty of knowledgeable staffers, and not at a home improvement store) you will quickly see that you have not begun early but stepped right into the middle of peak season. You will probably find the garden center so busy that the staff is not able to answer elementary questions -- the kind that take a bit of time and thought to answer well. So our Main Feature is a how-to-begin for you. Do it at home, on the Internet or on a weekday at a garden center.

We hope the experienced gardeners in this community use it, too, as a template to help those new to gardening and landscaping.

Main Feature of the Season: Where do I start? Simple drive-by landscape design

Drive around. Take pictures. Ask experienced people, "What is this that I like and how do I make it happen in my yard?" Take this virtual tour with us to start learning before you spend a dime, waste a precious spring weekend or do things that will one day make you say ""Wish I hadn't..."

This week In Our Gardens: Close-up catch-up

Everything happens so fast in spring. We hate to miss any of it, especially since there's no recourse but to wait a whole year for another chance. Peruse this set of beautiful close-ups -- we bet Steven caught at least a few things you missed in your own garden.


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