What's Coming Up 50: Magnolia, new tree care, growth rate, groundcover

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Magnolia: Don't scale back new tree's care, pages 1-2

Tree care in inches and years: Measure to interpret annual growth rate of branches (Pages 3-4 and excerpt below).

Loving and loathing lady beetles
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Hornworms for the birds

Groundcover: The winner is...

Expert leapfrog from beetle to bird

Cuts continue, brown and white

Mystery plant and mystery knee!


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In this issue you will find answers to these Search terms:

adjusting plant supports
better photographs
cessation of growth
compatible energy levels
crown die-back, dieback
determine annual growth rate, determine normal growth rate
discolored leaves
evergreen wins
extreme weather
gray bumps on twigs
ground cover, groundcover
growth rate of tree
handpicking tomato hornworms
healthy trees
height wins
hose spray
insects, insect damage
keep cutting
lady bugs, ladybugs, lady beetles Download to read this issue
larger trunk means longer care, larger tree takes longer to establish
leaf chewers
lost year
Magnolia macrophylla
Magnolia scale

Manual scale removal
mid-August scale control
multi-colored lady beetle, multicolored Asian ladybug
natural predators
nature walks
new generation emergence
net tree care
notice the unusual
oil application before budbreak, bud break
one inch diameter tree trunk equals one year's care
oriental lady bug control, Asian ladybug, Asian lady beetle
pleasing contrasts in design
plugged breathing pores
problem control, problems
quilt planting groundcover
root growth
root-leaf equilibrium, leaf needed to produce root
sap sucking, sapsucker
scale insects, scale spread by birds
scrape with rubber spatula
smaller tree establishes more quickly than large
smother with horticultural oil
spores on foliage
thin shells
trouble free years
trunk diameter
uneven growth
veggie garden, vegetable garden
water, water supply
wood wins, woody groundcover wins

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