What's Coming Up #215

What's Coming Up garden news

Janet Macunovich and Steven Nikkila help you grow

What's Coming Up Issue #215, February 7, 2016:

Plants for a West Window: It's a position that can be tough on a plant. Our recommendations for houseplants that can take daily, sudden changes in light and heat.

Sellers Who Don't Label Plants A Green Thumbs down to those who fail to understand or don't care that gardeners rely on a plant's name as our key to proper care.

What's Up? We're back.

Sorry to have been out of touch so long. A 2014 super hack of our website (took us 8 months to earn enough to pay the reprogramming bill) was followed by a flurry of obstacles both technical/financial (such as being forced into newer computers and faster internet access) and personal (the good type, such as sitting not 1 but 2 grandkids now, but also the pesty stuff that comes with not getting younger or faster). We'll post some details on the website for those who've asked (thank you so much for your concern) but sum it up here: We did too much for too long with too little so that we had no resources left to weather a storm.

Will you stay with us?

We're now posting regularly again, and tending the Q&A Forum. During our unplanned sabbatical we kept notes and took photos so we could eventually share important and entertaining items. You're on our list to receive these notices and hear all about it unless you opt out. (Just send us an email to unsubscribe.)

Our web address is gradually changing

You'll notice as you use our website that we have two different web addresses now, GardenAtoZ.com and also GardenAtoZ.org. We're migrating to .org (we plan to give this 30 year labor of love official status as a non-profit) which will take time since there are 1,000+ articles to be reformatted and reposted. In the meanwhile we've linked the two sites so you -- and we! -- can find all the info you need.

We need your help as Sponsor more than ever

The biggest lesson we have learned lately is that this undertaking is bigger than we imagined. However, we are never going to give it up. We'll simply plug away at it, and accept any help that lets us improve our pace or the site's usability.

Thus we've accepted a generous offer in the form of a $1,000 matching funds donation. Help us to receive it! That donor will match every individual smaller donation, up to a total of $1,000. That can pay this year's web hosting- and forum support fees, let us hire out the mailing (a job that's been taking us 12 hours per issue to email all of you without being blocked as spam) and buy us some help from the programmers in migrating our .com articles to the .org site.

If you can help, send your check payable to GardenAtoZ to Janet & Steven at 120 Lorberta, Waterford, MI 48328 or donate via Paypal (email to Steve@GardenAtoZ.com from your Paypal account.).