Exercises for gardeners

During our webinar, Gardener's Health, we had the pleasure of introducing you to Occupational Therapist Kelly Hale, who answered our questions and demonstrated stretching and toning exercises to address the pulls and aches gardening can cause.

Kelly Hale is a gem, not only very well qualified to help us but enthusiastic, and reaching out through many channels to help. You can learn more about her, sign up to receive weekly tips and other helpful information at her website InspiredWell.com

Based on our questions and her extensive experience with recovering gardeners, Kelly has these suggestions for us.

Kelly Hale writes:

It was such a JOY to be able to listen in on your wonderful presentation and then share some of my passion!! I LOVE how comprehensive and holistic your presentation was!!  And your group was SO engaged with wonderful questions!

I look forward to working with them again. In the meanwhile, I have some resources to share with your group.

The Trunk Extension Reflex as introduced in the webinar: great to do as a warm-up and counter move to all of the bending in gardening.


Core workout

(During the Gardener's Health webinar some of you asked Kelly to keep in mind the limitations that can come from knee replacement. Kelly listened! She says:)

For those unable to get onto and off of the floor they could do most of the first part in bed.  The first 15 minutes are either on their back or sidelying so those that can't tolerate being on their knees can still access most of the video.   As always, everyone should check with their healthcare provider before embarking on any exercise program.  


A whole series of helpful videos

They may also access the many videos on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGwdz4zo_I3cwbMnQwAI1Q A good start would be exploring the Core Connections playlist.