This week in our gardens

Mildew Has Many Faces... In Our Gardens we stay ahead of them all.

Mildew Has Many Faces... In Our Gardens we stay ahead of them all.

We have our priorities each week

but they may not be what you expect!

In this department we post quick forays into things worth doing each week of the year.

1) Look in the menu "This week in our gardens" for help with what to do, when.

We list the most timely items at the top of the list. Browse and click to features such as:

July Face Lift: How to spruce up the garden during the midsummer doldrums. Includes four related items such as Erase and Space and Accept Reality.

Summer Cuts: Removing old flowers and tired foliage can make a world of difference in a garden's looks but many gardeners hestate to cut, fearful of hurting plants. Here's reassuring how-to.

In Awe of Insect Predators. Did you know that the majority of the insect species in your garden are on your side? It's true, they are hunting down your most-hated plant eaters, 24-7. Meet some of the best.






Three other ways to track what we're doing:

2) Weekly data via our store of articles by season... our Ensemble Weekly editions section. Look there by issue number or season to read lots of articles just right for early spring, late fall, etc.

3) You can also check our week by week calendar of what-to-do...

...there we're gradually linking 20 years of newsletter highlights in a week-by-week calendar. Please note that this calendar has not yet migrated to, so clicking this link will take you to it at That's still us, no tricks intended!

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