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Gardeners find fun garden things to do every week of the year.

Gardeners find fun garden things to do every week of the year.

We have our priorities each week

but they may not be what you expect!

In this department we post quick forays into things worth doing each week of the year.

1) Here are individual articles about what we do each week

Newest, first:

Mark, set, sprint! What to do at the very beginning of spring and why to do it now, not later to save hours of work.

Hellebore Divided: Lenten rose can grow in one place for many years, remaining healthy and attractive even without renewal-by-division. Yet such a long interval between dig-ups may leave the gardener nervous and unsure. Here's a pictorial how-to divide that lenten rose.

Cutting Revelations.We're pruning many trees and shrubs right now and while we prune, we watch for the unusual. It's a key tactic in detecting, correcting and preventing the spread of diseases of the wood.

Welcoming winter to cut the loose ends: Always more to do, any given day in a garden. Winter's arrival helps us distinguish between what we must do and what we would like to do.





Fertilize Citrus, Growing Concerns #647: We lay off fertilizing houseplants during winter's low-light, low-energy, low-growth time. Yet citrus fruits ripen during winter! So if you're growing that potted tree for the fruit, turn on the lights and break the no-fertilizer rule.

Snow Flattened Grasses, Growing Concerns #647: Heavy, wet snow and ice can squash an ornamental grass. Remove the weight if you will, but don't expect to change the outcome. Some species will remain down for the count while others are more resilient.  

Thaw is Saw Opportunity, What's Coming Up #216, February 17, 2016: Recognize a winter thaw and get a jump on spring pruning. What to look for, what to prune.

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